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There is no affiliation between our company and the owners of this logo. You said you loved them. How did you get that black eye?

You got away with it.

The village people had to pump water from the well by hand. Pretty much everyone is doing the same thing. I really appreciate your offer to help me clean out my garage. I know that you love him. Matti doesn't have to know. Due to lack of manpower, we need more time than expectations to handle this task. Everyone's looking forward to it.

This year, my Grade-Point Average is better than yours! Though timid in some respects, he was very bold in others. I had no choice but to go there.

I've had a cold for one week, and I still haven't got better. Chip couldn't wait any longer, so he left. Stop texting me. The natural logarithm of e is 1. She will specialize in American history. It was a critical and a commercial success. Don't go anywhere without us. Never flush drugs down the toilet.

Olson and Jorge agreed never to talk about the incident. Oskar stayed at this hotel for three weeks. She fell asleep in my arms. I must be there before 7:00. Hold onto something. She'll be fine. Just give her lots of love and care.

I make it a rule to take a walk early in the morning. Laurent visited Boston. The soldiers could see him now. Why couldn't I be the one you kissed? Jack picked up one of the pictures. This company sold unsafe products. Where a painting's general sense seems clear, moreover, the exact decoding of its content remains in doubt. It's about time to leave. Darci still can't read.

Glad to meet you.

That person is like me. Why don't you buy it? I'm going out for a walk. I'm too excited to sleep. It's the best I can do. Daniel is not the shy boy he used to be. He lied about taking the money. We've all heard about you. Both kangaroos and opossums are marsupial animals. We aren't being much help to Soohong.

Kathy learned a lot from Betsy. Everybody's ready to go. Lorraine won't be here much longer. Are you going to take the entrance examination? I was almost crying for Kylie Minogue. Tricia, my friend, I know that you loved me, but I could not be yours.

You will miss the train, unless you start for the station at once. I accept that he was telling the truth. Several short line buses have come by, but I need to go to a further stop. I haven't been back here since the incident. To be in love is not the same as loving. You can be in love with a woman and still hate her. Let's go for a walk in the park. Passover is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the liberation of the Jews by God from slavery in Egypt. My coach said, "Failure teaches success". In the near future, space travel will no longer be just a dream.

Children often do stupid things. She appears well today. Ragnar usually comes here on Monday. We have a lot to learn from other cultures. Translators often tend, consciously or not, to "explain" a text by making it more logical than the original. Say you're sorry. In general, little girls are fond of dolls. A free man thinks of death least of all things; and his wisdom is a meditation not of death but of life. He's still here in the classroom studying.

I'm sure that Dewey made that story up. I will teach you how to fish next Sunday. That would help me decide. Polish is my native language. I'm not against it, but I'm not for it, either. Stop here.

Plenty of opportunities will present themselves, if only you are awake to them. Brooke is a fast worker. The guards didn't see you. Do you have any reservations about our reservation on the reservation? That headline was extremely misleading. Let me tell you about the case. She cried what a lovely garden it was.

Elijah will never allow you to go. Do you know anything about it? Then I found I had left my wallet at home. Irfan was disappointed at not being invited. The year 1980 saw the fastest economic growth in that country. Have a great weekend, everybody.

Do you think Ira will succeed?

We must not give way to their demands. The family fortune has increased a great deal. Who's the guy in the mask? I need to talk to Rajiv about something. Anton left his keys in the ignition. I like rock. How do I get to Gate 33?

Here's an optical illusion: you think you are looking at a cube, while in fact you are looking at the screen. The lion ate the rabbit in one bite. He has a telephone. This will be on the test. Happiness consists of contentment. Pratap has never studied French. I don't need a cardiogram. This cloth absorbs water well. Carolyn and Doug wanted to be alone.