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The traditional way of learning a language may satisfy at most one's sense of duty, but it can hardly serve as a source of joy. Nor will it likely be successful. She denied being an alcoholic. Conrad has a patch of gray in his hair. I'll be home all weekend. Will you stay here for a while? I'll always need you.

Studying a foreign language is difficult. You're scaring the kids. I haven't changed my mind. The more we learn, the more we realise that we don't know much. Brooke helped an old lady cross the road. He arranged to be here at 6. I like to eat Greek food. This water can be drunk without risk. I want you to wait for me until I get through with work at 7.

The event made him famous.

Juliet said he wasn't ready, but Rajesh said she was. Please let me know immediately if you would like to set up an area of the conference room for your products. I didn't want to risk a misunderstanding. It's not necessary to speak like a native speaker in order to communicate.

I have a package here for her. Industrial wastes pollute the earth. Brokers made a killing because of the high yen. I'm not going to tell you the reason. I knew them better than you did. Let Cristi know. I have a lot of work to do! The children drew pictures on the sidewalk with chalk. He has a dog and six cats. Where did you get these pictures?

Do you want to read this magazine? There are six sentences in Mongolian in Tatoeba for now. What's your favorite gadget? I'm teaching the ants the multiplication table.

Prices are still on the rise. Do you think you could handle this job by yourself? Are you free the day after tomorrow? Himawan decided to marry Jonathan. Randy dropped Nadeem off at her friend's house. I really needed this. What a cute outfit!

Jennie only eats kosher food. Do you miss her? I'll just have one drink. I think you'll need a loan.

You just can't give up. "Getting a foot on the property ladder" is a popular way to describe buying your first home. You won't believe it. Will you notify me after 3 minutes?

She was green with jealousy. She was the one girl who actually loved me. Scot got on the elevator and pressed the button for his floor. There's nothing worse than that. He must be selfish. He likes that video game very much. I should've realized it was you. The door of the office is yellow. Emily stays at home alone when her parents are in the factory. Sandip isn't answering his mobile.

Yes, sorry, I forgot to acknowledge it. What did I ever do to him? I'll surprise them. I can't help thinking of the future. You're really a good singer. Kayvan died a long time ago. What is the purpose of education? The film was inspired by the novel of the same title. Many people do not trust the government.

He is generally at home in the evening. I don't know what Celia wants. I think I have to go back on a diet after Christmas.

Her bewitching body made her very popular with men. Glen is the perfect girl for Skeeter. Those men are soldiers. They would arm administrators with so much detailed and up to date information. Try to make up your mind soon. Walter burnt the cabin to the ground. Claude didn't let me finish what I was saying. Do you know which book sells well now? Kris doesn't know his place.

Are you going to buy a dictionary? The cutlery has gone missing. Thus you cannot indulge in the pleasure of spending money freely. The windows were covered with cobwebs. I don't want anyone to know where we are.

I will what I want. I still miss Raul. The skin of peaches bruises easily. Exercise improves health. Don't say that about her. She's my friend.

Wendy drank a couple of shots of tequila. Johnny accused Cindie of lying through her teeth. Unprecedented ways should be tried. Perhaps I made a mistake. I think there's no country that begins with 'Zo'. I'm not really very thirsty. You will succeed in learning English.

When I'm dead, no one will make me suffer. Stay with us in this room. Kinch's not weak. We don't negotiate with terrorists. Let's go for a walk to the mountains. Whatever the reason, they did not marry. I didn't take the bus home.